Recently finished my second story

It’s called Sabrina. Sabrina in my mail male character’s grandmother in my first story Captive. It goes from the Victorian Era through World War 2.

This is what will be on the back of the book:

“Sabrina narrates the Story of Sabrina Greene von Wetter, an Englishwoman who falls in love with and marries Andreas von Wetter, a German, who is her soul mate.

Sabrina is about Sabrina’s life from the Victorian Era through World War II, where she transfers from England to Germany on more than one occasion.

Sabrina tries to keep her life together after tragically losing her husband and son, and then later, her fiancé. She nearly loses her grandson Derek when he becomes a prisoner at the concentration camp he had been forced to command. Derek is the main male character in Valerie Michaels’ previous novel Captive.”

I’m going to use my great aunt’s photo from the late Victorian/early Edwardian period as my cover. I believe she died before or just after I was born.